Ryan Phinney

CFA®, Portfolio Manager at Vail Valley Asset Management

Ryan Phinney earned his M.B.A. from the University of Denver in 2009 and has worked in finance ever since. He started out by trading futures contracts for clients seeking to hedge their exposures to various commodity prices – precious metals, energy, and currencies. Ryan then joined FINRA, where he worked on equity markets and capital markets issues in the securities industry. At VVAM, Ryan puts his experience to use within VVAM’s investment management and risk management functions when constructing and managing portfolios for clients.

As a CFA® charterholder, Ryan has achieved one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession. Ryan has a passion for investment management, portfolio management, and wealth planning. He works to understand your background and incorporates your unique needs into VVAM’s investment management and financial planning solutions. Ryan will look at your whole financial picture and will draw on his experience and expertise in crafting a portfolio optimized to bring about your financial goals.

Vail Valley Asset Management

Vail Valley Asset Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm located and registered in Colorado.  * The firm’s services are not available in all states and the firm may need to seek additional registrations before working with a client in a state in which it is not presently registered.

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