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Business Owner-Focused

The investment advisory marketplace is replete with generic investment and planning solutions that do not meet business owners’ unique needs. Vail Valley Asset Management (VVAM) fills this void by providing investment management solutions and sophisticated advice tailored to the unique financial complexities experienced by owners of lower middle market businesses (companies valued between $5 million and $100 million).

VVAM is a long-term investment advisory partner for its clients, and delivers an investment portfolio centered around their closely held business. When clients consider selling their closely held business, VVAM serves as clients’ unbiased support network, bringing deep knowledge and expertise of the private market M&A process. VVAM’s M&A support service is included within the transparent AUM fee, creating a fully aligned relationship. This business owner-focused approach provides the personalized service and expertise necessary to help our clients achieve their desired milestones.

Your Trusted Partner as You Build, Operate, and Exit

Our Values

VVAM is an experienced and unbiased advocate for clients considering and executing the sale of their closely held, private company. Impartial, sophisticated advice tailored to the vision and aspirations of the business owner provides a unique combination of aligning the client’s interests with deep investment and private markets M&A expertise.

100% Fiduciary, 100% of the Time

VVAM places client’s interests first—always.

Transparent Fees

VVAM’s assets under management (“AUM”) fees cover full-service investment management solutions and strategic advice to business owners, with no additional costs.

AUM Fees

We created Vail Valley Asset Management to deliver investment management services tailored to the business owner.

Our Founding Story

Vail Valley Asset Management (VVAM) was created to serve owners of lower middle market businesses. Owners of companies valued between $5 million and $100 million often have the majority of their net worth concentrated within their business ownership, creating complex financial risks and opportunities. Our founder realized the limitations of existing wealth management approaches for business owners in this size range and built VVAM to fill this need. VVAM’s investment advisory services place the closely held business asset at the center of the investment process to ensure the owner’s investment portfolio complements and diversifies the risks and rewards of the underlying industries and end markets their businesses serve.
As an active investor in lower middle market businesses through a holding company, VVAM’s founder witnessed the challenges business owners face when navigating the M&A process for the first time. Owners with deep expertise operating their businesses face an ecosystem of service providers motivated by success fees and deal expenses. In what is most often the largest financial transaction of their lives, business owners typically experience a high stakes process without an unbiased source of strategic advice. VVAM is uniquely positioned to walk with clients through the M&A process in a differentiated, fully aligned relationship. Bringing the experience and perspective from the founder’s involvement as a buyer within the lower middle market offers VVAM clients access to sophisticated advice as part of VVAM’s transparent AUM fee.

Your Vail Valley Asset Management Team

Dedicated professionals with extensive backgrounds in investment management, private market M&A processes, and strategic planning. The perfect choice for business owners seeking customized investment solutions and expert advice.

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Sean Abbey, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Ryan Phinney, CFA

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